Blueberry Fandom: The Grand State of ME


Blueberry Colander: Courtesy of: Paul



It just so happens that my family LOVES Maine. Anyone else?? We’ve taken a few family vacations to the good ol’ ME and it is always a great time. (Sidenote: I like that Maine is greedy with their abbreviation. Moxy if there ever was any!) It would also just so happen that while my mom was applying for her new passport this morning, the gentleman helping us divulged that he and his wife were going to Bar Harbor, Maine for the first time this summer. *Real quick, this passport guy was the bomb-dot-com—nicest passport maker/aficionado out there!

‘BAR HARBOR?! We love it there!’ *I’m certain that my mom and I have never sounded more like twins than we did with this emphatic squeal…and we sound A LOT alike… My mom and I spent the next 15 or so minutes gushing about blueberries, the buttery lobster, and generally eating ourselves silly with such things during our trips to Maine. ‘Randy’ (I’ll call him), the passport dude-omite, was more than excited to listen to our stories and suggestions. As travel does crazy things to me, Randy’s exuberant  mentioning of his summer vacay left me feeling jealous, delighted, wishful, tickled, and envious in our conversation that lasted all of 2o-ish minutes.

I realized after this covo that I seriously need to get to Maine again soon so I can ogle those teeny tiny sweet nibblets that are blueberries. Those devilishly addicting, brain-healthy treats that leave a luscious purple hue on your skin (and clothes…not so luscious then) are patiently awaiting my return  back to their land. Blueberry babies, I promise I’ll be back to visit you soon! For those of you who have never had Maine blueberries, they are much smaller and much sweeter than the ones generally found in stores not lucky enough to get shipments of them from Maine. They. Are. Scrumptious. Enough though, you now probably think I’m some cooky blueberry addict fantasizing about my next fix. I’m not addicted. I’m  just like, one of the top fans in the Universe, ok?! 😉

I’m probably going to have blueberry dreams tonight though, and wake up smacking my lips and air-cutting into a stack of fresh Maine blueberry pancakes tomorrow morning because of this conversation.



One thought on “Blueberry Fandom: The Grand State of ME

  1. I have to try the blueberries from Maine, I’m all about brainy blueberries?

    Not to change the subject, but have you ever had Michigan cherries? They are probably right up there with Maine Blueberries.

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