Summer Time Prime

Hey sweets! Excuse my lengthy hiatus….life scooped me up in its whirlwind! Nevertheless, I’m back!

Here are a few of the summer fun things that are turning up the scorch factor in my Etsy shop. Hot, hot, hot!

Party Pops-

I love a good summer shindig as much as anyone and bright accessories are a must have for me. These flower pins are clusters of tshirt scraps that come in bright festive shades. Fun, functional, and unique, these are one of my favorite ways to add a bold splash of color to my party wear!


Carry It All-

Beach trips, groceries, makeup, love, emotions, art work, office supplies-we try and throw a little bit of everything in our bags. Wait, is that just me? No…can’t be… A sturdy, fabulous bag makes life better, no matter how full it is. My Quote Me totes are a freakishly awesome way to send a message or speak your peace without ever having to say a thing! These are customizable in what you want them to say, so let me know what you want to tell the world. Nothing too painfully offensive though…some things are better left unsaid and unread by all!


My Glitz-N-Blitz bag is for those of you who like things more on the glamorous side. This bag features metallic gold striped linen and makes for an eye-catching way to do even the most mundane of tasks!


Bauble Babes-

Give me a great statement necklace and I’m in! Another favorite way to spruce up my look is with a fantastic necklace. My Shimmer Jazz necklace is made with upcycled leggings (they started out as really super SUPER ridiculous leggings) and handmade clay beads. Layers, shine, stretch, and ease, this necklace is pretty much your new style BFF.


Bright, shiny, summer love to you all!



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