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Summer Time Prime

Hey sweets! Excuse my lengthy hiatus….life scooped me up in its whirlwind! Nevertheless, I’m back! Here are a few of the summer fun things that are turning up the scorch factor in my Etsy shop. Hot, hot, hot! Party Pops- I love a good summer shindig as much as anyone and bright accessories are a … Continue reading

Nomination Love

In this special edition of ‘Sarai Goes Wild’ (no, nothing inappropriate is about to happen, whomp whomp!), I must send out a gracious THANK YOU to the lovely ladies of essentjewels. Monica and Carolina, your posts are beautiful and fun and I am totally twinkly and elated over your nomination of me and my blog … Continue reading

Rants, Poems, Speeches, and the Like

Sometimes you just have to rant. Other times, your point is best put in an emotional offering that is a hand written poem. There are other times then, when people simply need to listen, so a praise worthy, to the point, vibrant speech must be spoken. Here is a list of a few of my … Continue reading

Originally posted on Second Lunch:
Public transportation is not for the faint of heart…or the sane person wanting/expecting a quiet commute. I had to deal with all five types of these jackalopes on the daily when I took the Metro/bus to work everyday when I lived in DC…. c’est la vie. Second Lunch View original post

Celebratin’ Quarter Twenty!

So….I’ll be 25 tomorrow! I remember when I was 18 that I decided I wanted to be 18 forever because, duh, it was totally THE COOLEST age. EVER. Thankfully, that’s not the way the universe works and I was saved from what could have been a very naive life. Whew! Then, when I turned 21, … Continue reading

Mama Earth, I Love You!

Dear Mama Earth, You’re a gem. You have green grass for me to run my fingers and toes through. You have more wonderful places to travel to than I could have ever asked for in even the best daydreaming session of my life. You provide food, shelter, and life for me. There are tons of … Continue reading

Word Turd. My Three Least Favorite Words

As of my last post, I spilled the beans about my three favorite words. To recap, I enjoy Boom, savvy, and egregious. I now must however, metaphorically “pull my own teeth” to be able to let you in on my three least favorite words. I can will get through this… Word: Jiggle—>My least favorite word … Continue reading

Word Up! My Three Favorite Words

As a writer, and general all around exuberant lover of speech, I love words. However not all words are created equal. There are just some words that make me go ‘huzzah!’ and I look forward to those perfect moments of worded bliss when I can use them. Word: BOOM—> This is quite possibly my favorite … Continue reading