Summer Breeze Blowin’ In

It is an exceptionally wonderfully cool summer night. Perfect enough for a light scarf to accompany free, wandering thoughts and good people. In honor of this gorgeous gift from Mother Nature (THANK YOU Mama!), here’s the scoop on some of my latest favorite summertime, nature-themed accessories from my Etsy shop.   Animal Party Specs: Let’s … Continue reading

A Love Note to Crying

Honesty moment- I. LOVE. CRYING. I did just say that, yes. In all fairness, I don’t always love the reason for my tears (painful things aren’t necessarily what I call ‘fun’ or ‘fantastic’), but I love crying. The fact that the human body has the capability to create tears in the first place, completely fascinates … Continue reading

Summer Time Prime

Hey sweets! Excuse my lengthy hiatus….life scooped me up in its whirlwind! Nevertheless, I’m back! Here are a few of the summer fun things that are turning up the scorch factor in my Etsy shop. Hot, hot, hot! Party Pops- I love a good summer shindig as much as anyone and bright accessories are a … Continue reading

Spring Love In My Etsy Shop!

Spring is SOOOOOOOO close! Although we’re still experiencing blasts of wintry weather in  my neck of the woods here in Southern PA, I’m ready for cute dresses, flats, pretty posies and sunshine. If you’re in the mood to ‘spring-up’ your wardrobe, pop in my Etsy shop to check out my new look and items for … Continue reading

Dysfunction to Function

Dysfunction is ok. Dysfunction is good to an extent (yes it is-promise!). To what extent is subjective and isn’t really the focus here. What’s important is that we remember that dysfunction exists. We all experience it. We’re all in it together. It’s easy to love the things you love. It’s easy to love the parts … Continue reading

Marry Thyself

A few years ago, I watched a Lifetime movie (if you’re judging, you can kindly quit that right now! I know you’ve watched some questionable footage in your day..) about a woman who married herself. I could not have thought this idea was more ridiculous. I mean, the woman had a ceremony and everything. She … Continue reading

Let Your Fall Flag Fly!

Fall is my faaaaavorite season! As a North Eastern gal, cooler temperatures, vibrant leaf changes, orchards, apple cider, scarves, boots, sweaters, and getting cozy all make up this glorious season that makes my heart sing. Fall’s also the time for costumes and extra candy (although I support both of these things all year long–sorry dentists!). … Continue reading

Dream Crushers Are Helpers Too.

  “When people undermine your dreams, predict your doom or criticize you, remember they’re telling you their story, not yours.”  ~Cynthia Occelli   Who was the last person to crush some dream of yours? If no one has ever done this to you, consider yourself more than lucky. Dream crushers aren’t fun, bubbly, sparkly things, … Continue reading