Word Turd. My Three Least Favorite Words

As of my last post, I spilled the beans about my three favorite words. To recap, I enjoy Boom, savvy, and egregious. I now must however, metaphorically “pull my own teeth” to be able to let you in on my three least favorite words. I can will get through this…

Word: Jiggle—>My least favorite word of all time. Just lulling it around in my head makes my skin crawl. I haven’t always hated this word though. It seems to have taken on this particularly unappealing effect for me around the mid-2000’s when I was over how every girl in every rap video was jiggling something. The strobe lighting, ill-fitting clothes (I mean barely there booty shorts and bikini tops so small they wouldn’t hold a muffin comfortably), and jiggle inducing dances made my stomach hurt. Not to totally hate on rap here, because there are certain times when a girl’s mood can only be properly assisted by rap, but come on. Enough with the jiggling. The only times any form of this word don’t totally freak me out are when it is used in terms of a beloved Bill Cosby JELL-O commercial or when I reminisce about my mom making JELL-O Jigglers for my brother and I when we were younger. Jiggling belongs to JELL-O, ok?

Word: Autocorrect/Auto Correct/ Auto-correct—>Autocorrect, I’m sorry homie (who am I kidding? No I’m not), but you just don’t do it for me. I appreciate what the word’s program tries to do in terms of helping us be extraordinarily lazy and fabulously productive with texting, but nope, it’s not for me. I mean, just look… there are simply too many ways one can even spell the word. Case closed.

Word: Hog—> While it is a mild dislike in comparison to the previous two, I don’t particularly care for this word. The shape the muscles of the mouth make when you say it and the pronunciation of the word just irk me. When I talk about the swine famiglia, I refer to oinkers as pigs, piggies, or, well, oinkers. I guess I just like the more children’s book approved terminology for these mud-lovin’ pink mammals. I don’t understand why people with Harley’s and other motorcycles refer to them as hogs either (if anyone can help me understand this phenomena, please do so). You have a motorcycle, a bike, a two-wheeled motorized revved up ride. Call it what you will, but I will refer to them as ‘zoom-zooms’ or something equally as ridiculous before I refer to them as ‘hogs’.

These three words stress me out a bit (especially that first one…). By all means, feel free to use them at will though, around me or not. If I start ignoring you or laughing egregiously (boom, omg, word bliss right now!), don’t be offended. I’m just trying not to dry heave in your face while listening to you say such things.

What words make you cringe or go ‘um, no thanks, next please!’??


4 thoughts on “Word Turd. My Three Least Favorite Words

  1. I hate the word ‘fart,’ just saying it in my mind and having to spell it killed me.

    Great post!

    And I agree with you, too many people these days rely on auto-correct, I can see why you hate the word as you have stated that it is helping us to be “extraordinarily lazy” now that is a word I like ‘extraordinarily’ anything extraordinarily is out of the ordinary and I am all about that!!! Boom!

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