Posted in May 2012

Rants, Poems, Speeches, and the Like

Sometimes you just have to rant. Other times, your point is best put in an emotional offering that is a hand written poem. There are other times then, when people simply need to listen, so a praise worthy, to the point, vibrant speech must be spoken. Here is a list of a few of my … Continue reading

Originally posted on Second Lunch:
Public transportation is not for the faint of heart…or the sane person wanting/expecting a quiet commute. I had to deal with all five types of these jackalopes on the daily when I took the Metro/bus to work everyday when I lived in DC…. c’est la vie. Second Lunch View original post

Scarf Beez-Kneez

Hi, my name is Sarai and I’m OBSESSED with scarves. I’m pretty much not an obsessive person with anything except scarves. I love them because they can tie a look together in about 3 seconds, they give warmth or can catch the cool threads of a breeze, they’re comfortable and fashionable, they add visual interest … Continue reading

Extreme Sports: The Game of Feelings

Extreme Living is the name of the game. Let’s discuss: In the last few weeks I have felt these things: Twinkly– It was like the stars were my bffs and I was dancing among them. Worried– Major surgery for a family member was involved. (She’s now home and recovering well, thankfully.) Hopeful– I have felt … Continue reading