Posted in March 2012

Nothing Ever Happens….

Rachel Platten is a love. Her music always so sweetly and poignantly reminds me to get my life together. For instance, ‘Nothing Ever Happens‘ is one of the most appropriate songs for my life that has ever been created. “Nothing ever happens if you stay in your room…” (Nothing Ever Happens Lyric) It’s true, life … Continue reading

Just A Travel Thursday…

Today I’m catching some major retro vibes from a back issue of Travel & Leisure mag. ‘The Next Great Places’ edition from September of 2011 caught my eye again as I was weeding out my trusty overstuffed collection of mags by my bed. (Don’t judge–I know you have a bedside full of books/magazines/journals just. like. … Continue reading

Wear to Decorate

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s interior design time! Design Tip of the Day: Decorate your space with your accessories. I’m an accessory FANATIC (this absolutely is pertinent for your brain to absorb), so anytime I get to jazz up a space with fun accessories, I do a happy dance! We’re not talking about throw … Continue reading

Finding Friday

Happy FRIDAY gang! I woke up this morning in a “slight pressured fog”, if you will. Meaning, it was one of those mornings when I’m a little confused as to why things are the way they are, what I should be doing with my life, and this that and the third. Ever happen to you? … Continue reading

Kitchen Diva Grooves

I feel most like a diva pop-star when I’m dancing and singing around the kitchen while I’m cooking or baking. Example- Today’s diva debut came while I was making dinner for the fam. (I made Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili, btw.) Cooking makes me happy–like, being in a room full of glittery, bright-colored nail … Continue reading

Neutral Zone

So, I spent this past Saturday watching high school boys basketball games where I was a neutral spectator. Well, I was neutral for two of the three games anyway. My point is, sometimes, it’s really nice to just be a neutral party. There is no pressure, no expectations…just space. Well, today’s pieces emanate that same … Continue reading

Grey Matters

We all know that life isn’t always as simple as black and white. Grey area is prevalent in most situations.  Good thing, one of those situations happens to be furniture. Moroni inc. points out that grey matters too. The Clio Top Grain Leather Swivel Chair in Grey reminds us that swiveling around in circles in … Continue reading

Lime Time

Alright gang, it’s all about LIME today. Pour yourselves a refreshing glass of limeade (go with the lemonade if you must) and enjoy these citrusy sites! First up, we have a little island-inspired lime beauty. Surya Rugs shows the fun potential of lime with their Chic Lime/Sky Blue Contemporary Rug. This deal fancies a pattern … Continue reading

Party Looks: Bright, Bright, Bright!

The party forecast looks bright my friends! I love to entertain- dinner, birthday, ‘just because’ parties- I love them all! The bright pieces of today’s feature will have you jumping for vibrant furniture joy. Get your party on with VIG Furniture and their sensational Olivia Blue TV Stand/Buffet. A proper pop of color is delivered … Continue reading

Orange by Orange

If you crave color anything like I do, get excited for some totally fabulous- and bright- finds! VIG Furniture saturates life with the Polaris Italian Leather Sectional Sofa in Orange. Measuring 10.5 feet by 14 feet in total length, this sofa is massive. Along with its huge size, the bright Florida orange color of this … Continue reading