Posted in February 2012

Give In…Temptations Are Meant to Be Had.

In the music world, The Temptations were cause for smooth sounds and lyrics so sweet you could melt. Ah, My Girl is my favorite song of all time, friends. Temptation, as defined by Webster’s Online Dictionary, is a cause or occasion of enticement. Just as enticing as the songs of one of Motown’s finest groups, … Continue reading

Chaise Your Way to Good Looks

You know how sometimes you see something and you instantly start planning on where you’ll put it, how good you’ll look using it, etc, etc.? Well, that’s what I’m doing right now looking at these two interior design doozies from AICO Furniture and Chandra Rugs. Let’s talk about this Venerian II Armless Chaise in Peacock … Continue reading

Furniture On the Outs

Since this winter has been abnormally warm here in central PA , I’m daydreaming about outdoor accessories. And while I do LOVE snow and cold weather, I can’t say that I’ve hated this warmer weather. I do wish I was closer to a beach though…Anyway, enough about my daydreams, on to our airy, outdoor pieces … Continue reading

Feng Shui Any Way You Like It!

Ok, the stuff we’re talking about today is totally rad in every way. Arrangeable sectional sofa pieces and animal print make for nothing but a ferociously great time! Keep reading to get the full scoop on this wild and fabulous furniture! With one of the coolest (yet simplest) designs for a sectional sofa, VIG Furniture … Continue reading

Animal Print Palooza

It’s an animal print palooza on my end here, so let’s get right to roaring! AICO Furniture supports an animal-centric look with their Bed Set Call of the Wild. This bed set is SO fun because it features a sassy zebra print in brown and white. Available for Queen and King beds, this bedding is … Continue reading

Soundtrack to Your Furniture

Music, music, music. Many of us fill moments of our days with tunes (I’m jamming out to some as I write this of course), but what does music have to do with furniture? Well, the two selections for today look like they belong somewhere in the offices and homes of music moguls and music lovers … Continue reading

Modern Ends: End Tables Keep it Fun

A place to set your bowls, cups, magazines, clocks, etc., end tables are one of the greatest necessities of a living room. Besides, who doesn’t like a sweet and stylish way to contain all your goodies? Made by VIG Furniture, the Trio 1 Lacquer 3 Tone Round End Table is three times the functionality and … Continue reading

Looks of Love: Red Hot Furniture

Today we’re talking about how to spice up your space with flares of red. So, just one question remains…Are you red-y?! VIG Furniture uses red to accent their Prego Sofa through the use of pillows. This sofa is a muted black ‘L’ shape piece that has a delicate charcoal gray-like appearance. The sofa has added … Continue reading