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Summer Breeze Blowin’ In

It is an exceptionally wonderfully cool summer night. Perfect enough for a light scarf to accompany free, wandering thoughts and good people. In honor of this gorgeous gift from Mother Nature (THANK YOU Mama!), here’s the scoop on some of my latest favorite summertime, nature-themed accessories from my Etsy shop.   Animal Party Specs: Let’s … Continue reading

Spring Love In My Etsy Shop!

Spring is SOOOOOOOO close! Although we’re still experiencing blasts of wintry weather in  my neck of the woods here in Southern PA, I’m ready for cute dresses, flats, pretty posies and sunshine. If you’re in the mood to ‘spring-up’ your wardrobe, pop in my Etsy shop to check out my new look and items for … Continue reading

Let Your Fall Flag Fly!

Fall is my faaaaavorite season! As a North Eastern gal, cooler temperatures, vibrant leaf changes, orchards, apple cider, scarves, boots, sweaters, and getting cozy all make up this glorious season that makes my heart sing. Fall’s also the time for costumes and extra candy (although I support both of these things all year long–sorry dentists!). … Continue reading

Sensational Summer Picks From My Etsy Shop

Just a quick trip through a few of my most favorite summer specs in my Etsy shop today pals! As I don’t live near the beach, sarongs aren’t usually in my line of viewing pleasure. This sarong from my shop though, is great for transporting me to the islands in seconds no matter where I … Continue reading

Scarf Beez-Kneez

Hi, my name is Sarai and I’m OBSESSED with scarves. I’m pretty much not an obsessive person with anything except scarves. I love them because they can tie a look together in about 3 seconds, they give warmth or can catch the cool threads of a breeze, they’re comfortable and fashionable, they add visual interest … Continue reading

Wear to Decorate

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s interior design time! Design Tip of the Day: Decorate your space with your accessories. I’m an accessory FANATIC (this absolutely is pertinent for your brain to absorb), so anytime I get to jazz up a space with fun accessories, I do a happy dance! We’re not talking about throw … Continue reading

Neutral Zone

So, I spent this past Saturday watching high school boys basketball games where I was a neutral spectator. Well, I was neutral for two of the three games anyway. My point is, sometimes, it’s really nice to just be a neutral party. There is no pressure, no expectations…just space. Well, today’s pieces emanate that same … Continue reading

Grey Matters

We all know that life isn’t always as simple as black and white. Grey area is prevalent in most situations.  Good thing, one of those situations happens to be furniture. Moroni inc. points out that grey matters too. The Clio Top Grain Leather Swivel Chair in Grey reminds us that swiveling around in circles in … Continue reading

Lime Time

Alright gang, it’s all about LIME today. Pour yourselves a refreshing glass of limeade (go with the lemonade if you must) and enjoy these citrusy sites! First up, we have a little island-inspired lime beauty. Surya Rugs shows the fun potential of lime with their Chic Lime/Sky Blue Contemporary Rug. This deal fancies a pattern … Continue reading