Spring Love In My Etsy Shop!

Spring is SOOOOOOOO close! Although we’re still experiencing blasts of wintry weather in  my neck of the woods here in Southern PA, I’m ready for cute dresses, flats, pretty posies and sunshine. If you’re in the mood to ‘spring-up’ your wardrobe, pop in my Etsy shop to check out my new look and items for the new season! Here are a few of my favorite pieces to help bring in the spring…

Floral Headbands

Punch up your color scheme with my Sunshine Pop headband. This vibrant piece will keep you looking like the brightest babe around, even on those spring showers days!

Sunshine Pop

Get right, be polite! In this next flower headband, a row of creamy ivory flowers creates a halo effect when placed on a hand-wrapped sage and gold shimmer ribbon headband. This piece makes me think of warm sunsets and swaying to the tune of your soul.

Posie Polite

More ivory sweetness, my Ivy League headband features one large ivory flower with a black Swarovski crystal center and a dab of black glitter. While I cannot claim that this headband will make you smarter, it will make your fashion prowess stand out, which is always a smart move!


Tassel Magic

I have to admit that I’m not generally much of a tassel gal. That said, I ADORE these simple tassel necklaces. Inspired by their free-flowing movement and easy-going look, my Shimmy and Shake necklaces come in a trio of tassel colors. Shades of peach, oatmeal, and black match nearly everything in your closet and the long chain length makes these perfect for layering. Go on, shimmy and shake it all over town loves!


Petals and Shine

More petals, another flower. Pale pink and cream petals make up this super sticky sweet daisy hair clip. This clip makes for an understated, breathy, fresh addition to your look as you navigate your way through the blooming bliss of spring.


Lots of love and blooms for all of your spring journeys!



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