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Blueberry Fandom: The Grand State of ME

      It just so happens that my family LOVES Maine. Anyone else?? We’ve taken a few family vacations to the good ol’ ME and it is always a great time. (Sidenote: I like that Maine is greedy with their abbreviation. Moxy if there ever was any!) It would also just so happen that … Continue reading

Just A Travel Thursday…

Today I’m catching some major retro vibes from a back issue of Travel & Leisure mag. ‘The Next Great Places’ edition from September of 2011 caught my eye again as I was weeding out my trusty overstuffed collection of mags by my bed. (Don’t judge–I know you have a bedside full of books/magazines/journals just. like. … Continue reading

To You, LA, I Miss You.

My most recent excursion was a wistful and delightful weekend spent touring LA with a few of my favorite girls. We felt the sand between our toes, stalked celeb houses (I mean visited our friends, we’re not creepers…*wink wink), had great food, soaked up the sunshine, saw crazy sights, and the list goes on. Speaking … Continue reading