Summer Breeze Blowin’ In

It is an exceptionally wonderfully cool summer night. Perfect enough for a light scarf to accompany free, wandering thoughts and good people. In honor of this gorgeous gift from Mother Nature (THANK YOU Mama!), here’s the scoop on some of my latest favorite summertime, nature-themed accessories from my Etsy shop.


Animal Party Specs:

Let’s discuss how much I love a good animal print anything on a summer day. Love! So, it’s no surprise why these few features from my shop are totally wild, spotted, and fiercely fun!

Spot Me Bracelet


Chunky dalmatian jasper nuggets meet shimmery crystal black beads. Um, yes, summer feels this classic and that ferocious!

Wild Wonders Bracelet


Boom, babes! These little cuties are so great for stacking with other pieces or wearing alone! There’s something very tribal-esque about the vibrant orange and yellow in collaboration with the neutral cream and sassy dalmatian spots of these bracelets that makes my heart HAPPY.


Fly far, far, far away…

Free to Fly Necklace


Butterflies make life prettier. That said, so does this necklace. You are hereby now free to fly, friends. (That pop of orange from the ribbon, btw, is simply an added charming bonus.)


Take me to the Sea…

Serene Dreams Bracelet


Fact: I don’t live closer than about 4 hours to a decent beach. Fact: I NEED to live at a beach, on a beach, have a house above the water with a see-through floor. In my constant flow of wishing I lived near the ocean, this bracelet plays joyously to my heart’s desires. This dreamy aqua faceted bead catches the light just so, almost letting me momentarily forget that I’m not a legitimate mermaid…yet.


What do you think about (and accessorize with) on your summer nights??





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