Posted in June 2012

The Side Made Entirely of LOVE.

I exist in a realm of love. Sometimes it’s tough (a little dose of tough love can be just the extra push we need!) and sometimes it’s quiet, subtle. Other times it’s loud and obnoxious, and so impossibly tender there’s nothing to do but let it encompass you. It changes, it squirms, it’s uncomfortable, it’s … Continue reading

The Week With the Gutsy Failure Competition

This week, I’m in a competition with one of my greatest friends to see which one of us can fail the most. A ‘FAIL Comp’ as I’ll call it. ??????????? Yes, correct. I did in fact say FAIL. *insert screeches and screams from b-rate horror movies here* Good old Webster defines fail as this: – … Continue reading

Nomination Love

In this special edition of ‘Sarai Goes Wild’ (no, nothing inappropriate is about to happen, whomp whomp!), I must send out a gracious THANK YOU to the lovely ladies of essentjewels. Monica and Carolina, your posts are beautiful and fun and I am totally twinkly and elated over your nomination of me and my blog … Continue reading

Have You Made Out With Your Life Today?

Today¬† is… BRIGHT BOLD full of WIDE OPEN space brimming with creative genius possibilities Clear breezy LoVe centered …MINE. “Kiss your life. Accept it, just as it is. Today. Now.” -Unknown Go for it gang. Sweet and gentle or sloppy, with the drunken candor of a college kid, get all up in your life today … Continue reading