It Loves Me; It Definitely Loves Me; It’s Totally In Love With Me.

I have been this relationship for several years. It’s full of love, praise, and adoration. It’s also full of anxiety and aggravation. There are some moments where I feel like this love is worth screaming from every window at every moment of the day. Then there are those other moments, when I want nothing more than to say, ‘it’s not you, it’s me…this just isn’t going to work out’. In all of those moments though, I am totally IN. The two of us are both totally in, no matter what. Remember how I said like five-ish sentences ago that I have been in this relationship for ‘several years’? Well, yes that’s true, but what else is true is that I didn’t realize our relationship status was so, “going steady” instead of a mutual easy-breezy friendship, until a few days ago.The sincerity and severity of our closeness hit me this weekend while doing a whole boat load of nothing. So, to who what, exactly, am I so tied?


I have always had an incessant need for color and design. As a wee tot I used to wear all sorts of adorable, brightly hued outfits (my favorite was my turquoise Little Mermaid deal and my skirts and suspenders looks). *Hot, I know…* I also like to have meals with a mirage of colors (i.e., to me, beets or broccoli look better with white potatoes than corn). When color’s involved, I get all types of infatuated. I draw lots of inspiration from food and clothes, hence I believe this relationship started much before I ever truly understood what dating relationships really were. Interior design was that not so mysterious kid that pestered me everyday because they liked me, yet I refused to notice or admit that I liked it for whatever reason.

Interior Design is a friend and a foe. A joy and a miser. I fall in love every time I see a sweet color combo or fantastically outfitted space.  For example, I ADORE the way a deep turquoise looks when paired with a mustard yellow. Throw in a splash of a saturated tangerine or coral and OH EM GEE–I go nuts. *If you have no clue about what I’m saying here or think that turquoise is just blue, mustard is simply a staple cookout condiment, and tangerine and coral belong on trees and in the sea respectively, I get it. This obsession is not for everyone, and I promise that when you write posts about your relationships, I will read them and do my best to understand.* This color obsession isn’t all sunshine and perfect paint swatches though. There are those times when my Interior beau is a vicious trickster that seemingly offers too many options and too many “perfect” ideas. This creates that anxious flutter of the heart, a furrowed brow, and an excessive amount of indecisive moments. Quite frankly, my boo is a major b**** sometimes.

But you know what? Despite my just realizing our intense status a few days ago, Interior Design has stuck around with me all these years, patient enough to wait for me to get it together and recognize my feelings for it. That’s the kind of love a girl can always use.


5 thoughts on “It Loves Me; It Definitely Loves Me; It’s Totally In Love With Me.

  1. Sometimes turning your hobby into a career takes the fun out of the hobby. Writing is my hobby but if I was forced to do it for money I think it may take the joy out of it for me. I wonder if hookers feel that way. 🙂

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