I Look Like a Sloppy Side-kick From the Jersey Shore When I Read.

Full disclosure here, when I’m reading and something crazy great/miserable/lovely/unfortunate/etc. happens, I look like a Broadway actress on speed or a sloppy, fist bumping side-kick on Jersey Shore. Or at least that’s how I ‘feel’ like I look. I’m talking emphatic gasps and cries, tears of embarrassment (on the characters part of course, not mine…), kicks, punches, belly laughs, and other scads of emotional and physical states.

I finished Kristine Gasbarre’s ‘How to Love an American Man‘ a short while ago and I had a number of these epic reader outbursts. I won’t give you any major details about the book, but to appropriately detail the tales of my reading mojo, I must divulge a few general aspects of the book.

Example 1: When the super hottie character with the good job and the good hair and the helpful nature and a killer smile fit for a Crest commercial (mmhmm, one of those guys…) was introduced to the story, I dropped the book, kicked my legs up in the air, and screeched because I could picture all his fantastic ‘good-guyness’ and his smouldering sex appeal.

Example 2: Then there was the point in the book when love didn’t go as I had planned for the characters and I threw up a left jab to the universe and grunted in exasperation.

Example 3: I was both giddy and crying by the end of the first chapter. *Probably more like after the first few pages, but I don’t want you to judge me for that too.

I could continue on like this, but you’d be reading for way too long then… In general, I figure a book is stellar when I go into these extreme fits. I mean, if I don’t have something to get crazed about, what’s the point, right?!

On another note, I’m fairly certain that the next time I’m nose to the page, fists to the air, stomping around about something happening in a book in public, the most attractive being I’ve ever seen will, of course, be there to take in the sights. You know what I’m saying here. The way Life says ‘HAHA, got ya!’ and you go outside feeling less than fabulous or you’re doing something totally bizarro and your perspective boo is there to witness it. Thanks Life, thanks a lot for that.

Anyway, trickster Life woes aside, who else gets totally stoked when they read?? I know you’re out there fellow FANATICS and crazed readers!


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