Sometimes I Don’t Get Poetry…Until I Do.

Poetry is beautiful, weird, frustrating, fun, sweet, and a billion other things. I have to admit that, all too often when it comes to poetry, I’m what you could painfully honestly call ‘dense’. Many times I just. don’t. get it. I can’t say for certain if this is by choice or by some inept neurons processing the color of the ink of the poem instead of the words themselves. Noggin thickness and brain functionality (or let’s face it, the lack thereof!) aside, here is a dose of a few of my favorite poems. A few of the poems I am most grateful to “get”.

Let These Be Your Desires– Khalil Gibran

Phenomenal Woman– Maya Angelou

Still I Rise– Maya Angelou

I Have Five Things To Say– Rumi


Poetic power to you all, loves. Tell me, which poems/poets are on your list of ‘get its’??


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