Let Your Fall Flag Fly!

Fall is my faaaaavorite season! As a North Eastern gal, cooler temperatures, vibrant leaf changes, orchards, apple cider, scarves, boots, sweaters, and getting cozy all make up this glorious season that makes my heart sing. Fall’s also the time for costumes and extra candy (although I support both of these things all year long–sorry dentists!). Through Halloween, I’m offering a fantastic spooky sale in my Etsy shop. Grab some cider, get cozy, and get ready to be shockingly satisfied with these fall goodies from my shop! The coupon code for the discount is Spooky13, btw! 😉

“Love is my religion…” -John Keats

Love makes my world go around. These sweet little re-purposed leather heart pins were inspired by moments of divinely perfect love. Chic and simple, these would make gorgeous rustic gifts for your loved ones and would make a super cute addition to a wedding, bridal shower, or baby shower.

Is there much better than a perfect scarf? Not really! This navy scarf is made of a soft, stretchy jersey, making it both classic and comfortable. I’ll just say that this scarf, totally fantastic for men or women, will be one of your go-to fashion staples this fall!

Burnt orange glitter, chocolate brown leather, and teal suede fringe make my cut as a fall-time fashion must have! Sassy, sparkly, and a little bit boho, this pin looks fabulous paired with a printed scarf or a plain white tee and jeans. This brooch is super fun when worn attached to a long chain as a necklace as well. Versatile twinkle. BOOM.

As fall is for pretty things, these sets of flower hair bobby pins keep it cute and seasonal. Known as the ‘Fall For Me’ sets, these uber sweet hair pins will probably have the world falling in love with your grace and easy sense of style. You’ll probably also fall for yourself all over again while wearing these too!

With these burnt orange feather clips, you’ll be too busy looking good to bother with anyone trying to ruffle your feathers! The main feature of these clips, the burnt orange coque tail feathers, make this a fall spec perfect for any outfit that needs an extra hit of warmth.

Remember, my sale only goes through HALLOWEEN! Happy shopping you ghouls!


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