Tales of the Musical Maven Omnipotent Queen Part 2

I know you’ve all been in physical pain waiting for this conclusion to my concert weekend. Ok, well, I truly hope no pain at all, but if you were constantly rolling this around in your brain, on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what happened, then that’s plenty fine. 😉 No more chit chat, it’s time to get down to business!

Night 2:

We began our SUNNY (if you haven’t read about Night 1 yet, it rained on our music time…) second night of Mixtape Festival with a smashing pop performance by The Wanted. In all honesty, I never knew they sang their songs (before last weekend that is), so I was pleased to finally connect the songs and the group once and for all. They were jumping around, singing, showing off their young-ness to us all and I was hooked. What can I say? I love me a good British boy band! I now know that I’m a fan of The Wanted thanks to this night! Huzzah! Also, the aesthetically pleasing nature of Siva Kaneswaran was breathtaking. I mean, the boy man (he is a ripe old 23, so age appropriate for moi!) has these insanely gorgeous cheek bones and chiseled jaw that don’t quit. And his hair. His. HAIR. It’s good hair. Forget that, it’s GREAT hair. Hair that most every person wants for themselves or someone close to them.

Next up, we listened to the vocals of the super sticky sweet Carly Rae Jepsen. She is so new to the scene though, that the crowd only knew 2 of her songs. That said, we rocked out to those 2 songs! As this girl gets more music out in the mainstream, her concert base of fans is going to explode.

LL Cool J. It’s true, ‘Ladies Love Cool James’ (in case you didn’t know or forgot, that’s what LL COOL J stands for…I always forget that too, lol). LL was a bit random for the pop, boy band saturated weekend, as he was the only hip hop artist. Didn’t much matter though, because he had all us girlies going crazy! I very much appreciated the good ol’ LL moment when he ripped his shirt off (mmhm, it happened…just sayin…) and winked at us all. In that wink, I was LL’s girl (just like all the other ladies in the arena, but who’s worried about semantics and things like that?). Sweetest part about LL’s time on stage though, was when he invited two women up with him and held their hand/arm on the way up and down, so they wouldn’t lose their balance. He said he didn’t want them to have a “banana peel” moment. Awwww LL!  His polite, protective ‘dad’ side came out then. LL, you cute; dad-ness, shirtlessness, and all.

OMG! 98 Degrees was NEXT!!! The last decade since they had left their performing boy band ways had finally come to a close. FINALLY! I felt like I was instantly transported back to the late 90’s/early 2000’s (prime time for 98 Degrees) because they were moving and swaying exactly as they did when they first burst onto the music scene. It was absolute heaven. With lungs and throat burning from belting out lyric after lyric and scream after scream, I felt like my childhood self again. It was an intensely emotional state, one of sheer excitement and pure bliss. It’s still kind of impossible for my brain to wrap around the historical, epicness of this in the boy band world. I am forever a Degree-er and I am forever proud of it!

To keep my intense emotional adolescent state WAY UP, the concert gods sent NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block & Backstreet Boys) to end the festival. For 2 1/2 hours, these 10 guys served up memories for us all to sing to, laugh to, cry to, dance to, and most importantly, scream to. There were fireworks poppin’ off, billowing clouds of fog from the fog machines, solos, duets, group songs, gyrating hips, sparkles, smiles, winks, fans invited on stage (none of which were myself, or my two friends, not cool BSB, we need to talk about this..), clothes being torn off, and old songs. It was pretty much the most perfect series of events ever known to the concert world. I do have to note that my hubs AJ McLean ripped off his pants at one point and had this outrageously foolish pair of cheetah print spandex shorts on underneath. Those were paired with a blisteringly bright neon, multicolored top. LOLZ AJ, you always keep me laughing. I like that about you. By the end of the night, my friends and I had raspy throats, smaller voices, and boy band love coursing through our veins stronger than that of our blood. On the following day, I proved to be a source of comedic joy for my family as my voice was tinier than it’s been, probably since last year’s NKOTBSB concert. I’m not much of a small-voiced gal on the regular, so this was a goofy change up for us all. lol

I’ll leave you with this reassurance:

“The state of the Boy Band Universe is better than it’s ever been, and it’s never going F***ING anywhere!!!!”

Talk about AMPED. This eloquent statement was spoken by either my long-term hubs AJ or my spicy affair Donnie Wahlberg. I’m pretty sure it was Donnie now that I think back to it, but I seem to recall he was either shirtless or I was so far into boy band ecstasy that I was too distracted to really remember what was happening.

The men of NKOTBSB! My BFF captured this wondrous moment towards the end of our weekend.


2 thoughts on “Tales of the Musical Maven Omnipotent Queen Part 2

  1. I just saw the Gipsy Kings last night and the night was full of passion, suavyness, and let’s not get into more detail, but this was just great, thank you for taking me on the ride!

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