Tales of the Musical Maven Omnipotent Queen Part 1

I have returned and recovered from the epicness of last weekend that was Mixtape Festival. SO many great concerts, laughs, squeals, and music-gasms (yes, I did just use that term) were had. Today’s post is just about the glory of Friday night, or the Track Suit & Kelly Clarkson special, as I’ll call it.

My BFF and I arrived in the rain to the music vibes of The Fray. They are great in concert, so if you like their music and can ever make it to see them live, go do it! Speckled water drop glasses and all, I have to say the rain was actually quite enjoyable. It provided a certain amount of delightful comedy to the evening and also kept folks away from the amusement park so we  scored some awesome parking. Sweet.

Diamond-studded 90’s track suits. Please and Thank you. Our boos, New Kids On The Block, came out beaming in their jazzy, twinkling track suits. Next to Missy Elliot’s track suits, these were some of the glitziest, flyest track suits out there. I have always wanted to wear a super bedazzled track suit thanks to Missy E and well, after Friday night, I still do! I need to get on this for Halloween….Sparkles aside, New Kids proved that dads are cool too. lol More on them tomorrow when I cover Night 2 of the weekend, but just know that I was IN LOVE, like usual. They did surprise the crowd by bringing out 98 Degrees to sing with them for a part of their last song of the night and I thought I would pass out right there. 98 Degrees wasn’t supposed to perform until the next night-O.M.G.!!!!!- I can say with confidence that if a non-understander of boy band love had seen me kirking out, I would have been severely judged. I can also say with confidence that I. don’t. care.

Kelly Clarkson stole the night for me. She is absolutely PERFECT in concert. She was up on stage dancing and twirling around in her dress, barefoot, laughing, and singing her lungs out. I could totally picture her spinning around her back yard as a 6-year-old in that same joyful zone. She brought a joy to the stadium like no other. The woman is POWER. I was a Kelly Clarkson fan before this (she’s actually the only American Idol I really care for, but that’s neither here nor there), but now I totally NEED to meet be her. We would be the greatest of friends, Kelly and I. She could belt out gorgeously vibrant tunes while I tagged along and sprinkled glitter about her path and made rockin’ tshirts for all her fans. Friends and Glitter. BOOM. Kelly was an amazing way to end the night because she left the BFF and I chocked full of girl power and pride, and left us totally amped for Night 2.

Peace and Music Boys & Babes,

Musical Maven Omnipotent Queen


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