Back to School Time. Now Where’s That Hottie?

Every year around back-to-school time, I get a hearty mix of ‘H-E-double-hockey-stick-yeah, I don’t have to do that anymore!’ and ‘oh, school, you were so good to me…’. I miss buying those beloved school supplies. (I am absolutely obsessed with office supplies, btw. Give me a fabulous bright colored patterned notebook, some mechanical pencils, and anything Crayola related and I’m a happy gal!) I miss the angst over which outfit to wear to make the greatest impression EVER, even if with the same people I had been in school with since our wee-tot days. I also miss the school girl thrill that came along with getting up  and going to school for that ever elusive “cute boy”.

Stroll with me down Memory Lane for a moment as I divulge a few snippets about this “cute boy” deal….

Fact: The first “cute boy” I hastily and dreamily went to school for was my 2nd grade student teacher. I’d keep his name private regardless, but luckily unlucky for him, I have since forgotten his name anyway. Shame, I bet he’s still really cute… ANYWAY….Said student teacher was the most amazing thing since mac-n-cheese( my favorite food, so yeah, he was a BIG DEAL). He played this word game with my class where he would hide sticky notes around the room with our vocab words for the week. It was a rainbow array of neon peeks of color just waiting to be discovered. *Looking back, I’m noticing that I should have seen this as a sign that I’d turn into a word-obsessed writer, color-fanatic crafter.* This game was the bomb-dot-com, both because it forced us to scramble around the room (2nd grade energy-woohoo! Those were the days…) and because HE created it. I do believe he also did some fashion of a cartwheel/handstand in class one day, so he was the next best thing to an Olympian as well. MAGIC.

Fact: Focused as I was on everything else Life, the “cute boy” took up a considerable amount of my time…and my friends’ origami skillz. I’m ok with that. Student teacher ‘Mr. Amazing’ and every other cutie after that encroached on my life for moments on end. Although I mostly doodled my name with the last names of Backstreet Boys (ok, just ONE Backstreet Boy…AJ, I’m lusting at YOU.), that’s not to say I didn’t offer the same dedication to those “cute boys”. Notebooks were involved. Lengthy notes were written and folded in incomprehensible ways. Quick question, did any of you ever have trouble folding a note in anything but a square? Most of my friends seemed to have been made origami gurus or something and could nearly fold pieces of paper into Picasso-esque dinosaurs and other craziness like boxes, triangles, and DIAMONDS. My mind is still blown as to how because I still can’t do it, no matter how hard I try.

Fact: Nicknames are key. Know this.

  BFF Morse Code 101:  (Scene) That “hottie with the body” walks by your locker and it’s everything you can do not to hurl yourself at him or her. The flowing breeze of their aura has nipped your fingertips. OMG! You MUST go tell your BFF. NOW! You can’t, biffles is in class (a different one from yourself, mind you, because the school is clearly out to make you have the worst year to date). What’s a pal to do? You pull out your notebook and start scribbling your every last moment in a fury of strange school-age/space-age morse code that can only be cracked by your BFF. For some cosmically perfect and embarrassing reason, the hottie decides to finally get close to you “on purpose” and chooses this moment to be a creeper and scope out your note. OH NO! Luckily after a few moments of confusion, the hottie only asks what it is and you reply with something breathy and squeaky about it being for your English class and re-writing Shakespeare in present day terms. Hottie says cool and walks away. WHEW, that was CLOSE! You start scribbling again to add your latest brush with heaven to your note while trying to pay no attention to your clammy hands or heart that’s beating 75,000 beats per second. (End Scene)

Delightful anecdote aside, it is clear that without that BFF morse code, the head-over-heels note-writer would have been discovered. Put that ish in place NOW. Even if school is long gone for you like it is for me. It still applies in everyday situations. “Hey, scorcher 6 o’clock.” (Either another hottie with a body or someone around that might scorch your plans and turn your day from love to bummer in two seconds. You decide, it’s your code!)

What are some of your favorite “cute boy”, “hottie with the body” school stories?? I want to hear them!

Let me reiterate: Nicknames are KEY.



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