Pride & Friendship


Do you ever just take a step back and just look at your friends? I mean really look at them until you see them. There are countless times I can recall off the top of my head where I have thought to myself about how absolutely incredible my friends are. I am forever a blubbering, cheering, laughing, hugging, crazy mongrel fan for my friends because I am so utterly proud and in awe of them. *Hi, yes, I’m that fan holding up the biggest sign you can find with their names plastered all over it in glitter. Hey there.*

Some of my friends are teachers, some sing really well, some build amazing structures, and some always seem to offer perfect advice just when I need it. Some of them cry with me, some of them are well on their way to living glamorous lives full of sparkly things and bright people, some deal with challenges everyday and still keep going. ALL of them though, keep me laughing. They all serve as daily inspirations for me. My friends offer the world no shortage of dedication, heart, creativity, determination, passion, and love. Ask me why I love and adore them so much and the simple answer is this: because they live with conviction. They are brave enough everyday to share themselves with the world.

I’m having a friendship bracelet making moment in life today always. *Btw, I have made a few of these again in recent weeks and it has been a total blast.* I remember making these growing up with my friends, for my friends, getting them from friends and being so totally stoked by the what they represented (and all the bright colors of course!). We were all roped, gimped, lanyarded, braided, and knotted together by material string and the invisible fibers of our comradery. When I look at my friends today, some are still around, others are new, some I’ve met in person,  some exist in the magical world behind this computer screen, I feel complete joy knowing that they’re around to support me, honor me, and love me. Knowing that someone appreciates you is a crazy great feeling. I also know that if I had an intense/fabulous friendship bracelet making shindig with my pals these days, I would come out if with not only some sweet arm swag but also a deeper gratitude and zest for my friends.  Pretty things for my peeps and I! 😉

To my friends, all of you, thank you for being you. I love you.
What makes you proud about your friends?


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