My Double-Dutch DREAM Team

Truth be told, I’m not super fantastic at double-dutch. That’s not because of the other folks involved, it’s just a result of me struggling with two ropes whirling at me at the same time…Needless to say, I won’t ever be on an Olympic double-dutch team should they decide to start that sort of thing.

Dreams are like double-dutch—you need some pals along the way.

Double-dutch requires at least three people to be functional. This childhood favorite activity often ends up drawing a crowd entrancing the eyes of spectators. Dreams are like a double-dutch game because they also require other people. Support systems, ney-sayers, resources, etc. All of this helps us put our dreams in motion. Just as you trust your faithful double-dutch rope turners to not clobber you with the ropes, think about who you have on your side when it comes to you dreams. Do you trust they’ll help you know when to jump? Even those who may dash our dreams and clearly aren’t “on our side”, can help us find creative ways to know when to jump. At the end of the game/dream, those folks end up on our side, just with a different approach than the supporters. Hmm, everyone’s actually on our side even when they’re not. Interesting.

I like the people on my ‘double-dutch-DREAM team’ though. They nourish me, respect me, and grow with me. While I choose very carefully who gets to actually swing the ropes, those spectators (cheerleaders and haters alike) check in on the roster. By my own choosing, I surround myself with as many supporters as I can find, so that my more ‘Negative-Nancy’ teamies don’t throw things totally out of whack. It’s all about finding that delicate balance gang, always.

So, sweets, who’s on your DREAM team?


7 thoughts on “My Double-Dutch DREAM Team

  1. You are such a positive burst of energy!

    As you know I my sister and I are a team, my husband, and my best friends has also been very supportive and is our biggest fan of our work!

    Btw, I am loving your new layout of our blog!!!!!!

  2. My dream team is made up of family, friends…and cyber-friends, too! Even if we haven’t met in person, the people I’ve connected with through blogging are a huge source of inspiration and support for me! 🙂 That includes you lovely!

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