Sensational Summer Picks From My Etsy Shop

Just a quick trip through a few of my most favorite summer specs in my Etsy shop today pals!

As I don’t live near the beach, sarongs aren’t usually in my line of viewing pleasure. This sarong from my shop though, is great for transporting me to the islands in seconds no matter where I may be. It makes a beautiful skirt or dress, yes, but I especially love the idea of wearing this as a flouncy, kimono-esque style top with a belt.

Yes We Tropican!

Next on my list is a little neon thing I call the ‘Neon Pop’. This necklace combines my love of repurposing/recylcing clothes, bright colors, and fishtail braids. *Recycled tshirt scraps are joyous to create with, btw, I highly reccomend trying it.* Whenever I’m craving an intense jolt of color with an outfit, this baby is at the forefront of my accessories list.

Neon Power!

Plain. White. Canvas. I am totally in love with blank canvas (hmm, says a lot about me, huh?!). Canvas holds infinite possibilities for my brain, so it makes me all giddy when I get to work with it. As I often feel bogged down by large bags on really hot, humid days, a sweet little clutch is a great replacement. Summer for me is all about being light, free, and carting around only what’s necessary. The ‘Floral Catch’ clutch from my shop harnesses that sturdy, solid white canvas and fun, fabulous fabrics that make up interchangeable bows. A bag that I can change the look of when I see fit? Why yes, don’t mind if I do.

Floral Catch

The last pick of the day, is a member of the recyled tshirt scraps crew as well. I woke up one morning thinking about how  I needed a bleached accessory to wear the next time I’m in beach territory. I kept saying to myself, ‘bleached out, beached out’. Quirky mantra aside, my ‘Bleached Out’ bracelet series requires little effort on the style front. Bleach does crazy cool things to shirts however it wants to do them and these bracelets are a fantastic way to showcase this. Remember: bleach does what it does, so go do what you do while wearing this easy-going piece. In other words, “you do you, I’ll do me“.

Bleachin’ & Beachin’

And I’m out!

Magic money-makin’, love-shapin’, cool-creatin’ vibes to you all! 🙂


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