Boy Band Redux: Life As a Fan Girl

Yes, that’s me. Mrs. AJ McLean.

I’ll let you in a not-so-secret secret of mine. I am a BOY BAND fanatic. In t-minus one month, my BFF and I will unite with fellow boy band groupies, lovers, and observers at the two-day MixTape Festival in Hershey, PA. HOLLA! I can’t wait!

Boy bands are precious groupings, made of cosmically wondrous souls, talents, and types that contain a little something for all fans. For our purposes today, I’ll just be gushing about boy bands that I grew up with in the 90’s and the current ones that make my heart go pitter patter.

Boy Band Mathematics

I don’t have an intense love of math, but it’s important to note that all boy bands have a variety (generally 4-5) guys to create that mix of ‘ooh la la’ for their fans. Boy bands usually have some mix the “sweet one”, the “jokester”, the ever beloved “bad boy”, the “cutie”, and the “wise one” (aka, the old guy). While I have a general placement for each guy in these groups below, I almost always reconfigure and rethink my decisions about which one I currently consider the cute/funny/bad/sweet one. Sorry older gents, but ya’ll don’t change. Thanks for making that one less thing I have to worry about though. Life as a boy band babe is constant peeps. Obviously.

Backstreet Boys– Brian, Nick, AJ, Howie, Kevin

BSB 4 Life! These five gentleman, in all their glory, made up the first of my ‘famous-guy’ crushes. To be clear, AJ was IS my favorite, but each of them holds a special role in my boy band fandom. In BSB world, I am the lover of the “bad boy”, as AJ has always been the one with the darkest sunglasses and the most bling. There’s just something about the mystery behind those eyes that were covered and the glittering of that bling bling that caught my heart in my pre-teen years and has kept it at bay. *sigh*

‘NSYNC– Justin, J.C., Chris, Joey, Lance

Hey boys! These FIVE (how ’bout that) dudes always kept me laughing and dancing. From JT’s curly fro days (yikes), to Joey’s red hair (eek), and their overall 90’s gangsta hip hop-meets Dawson’s Creek-meets country ho-down rock-n-roll mash up attire, ‘NSYNC had it all. LoL My favorite from the group? I’d have to say Joey. The red hair wasn’t my favorite, but he was the ‘jokester’ of them all. There was always something laughable going on when Mr. Fatone was involved. I really need an ‘NSYNC reunion too. BSB, NKOTB, and now 98 Degrees have joined this bandwagon. Let’s go boys.

98 Degrees– Nick, Drew, Justin, Jeff

Between my BFF and I, I am the 98 Degree girl to the max. A little Fly With Me anyone? Anyone? Maybe True to Your Heart is a little more your speed. (Props to you Mr. Stevie Wonder!) This quad came around after I was already heinously involved with BSB and falling for N’SYNC, so I was leery at first. I didn’t know if I had room to love anyone else. Turns out, there was room aplenty! The smooth sounds and lyrics of this crew won my heart and dispelled any previous angst and suspicions. My favorite degree-er is Jeff, with his chiseled jaw and sweet voice. Looking back at certain pictures/videos of him circa 2004, he has a small resemblance to Bradley Copper also. UM, YES, please and thank you.

New Kids On The Block– Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donnie, Danny

Quite the quint! This boy band love came later in life, or last year if you really want to be serious. I was at the NKOTBSB concert with my BFF and I was slightly unprepared for the NKOTB songs because I didn’t know any of them. Turns out, I was wrong. As I sang along at the concert (somebody should’ve taped me for an audition for America’s-next-singer-concert-series-reality-tv-show-that-doesn’t-exist-yet-but-will-in-3-years), I realized I knew most of what they had going on. All those hours spent listening to the radio as my friends and I were sprawled across our beds and floors paid off. Since I didn’t realize I was such an NKOTB fan until recently, it’s mildly amusing to have newly fallen in adore with a group of married guys with kids. Hah. Life makes ya giggle sometimes, doesn’t it? Donnie girl here, btw, all day.

One Direction– Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Harry

These boys crack me the heck up! I very rarely look at something with their mugs plastered on it that doesn’t send me into a fit of giggles. This is for two reasons: A) they’re adorably hilarious and goofy, B) They make me feel like a teeny bopper all over again. These boys bring a certain energy to my days that is refreshing and earns them a spot on this list. In this reverse of my NKOTB age comicalness, the guys of One Direction are all 20 and below. I feel a bit like a craddle-robber stalker, until I start dancing around and singing to myself in the mirror to their music that is. That’s when I stop caring and start getting my ‘fan’ on! *I don’t actually want to date any of them or have crushes on them like I did with the previously mentioned guys. I’m just still getting used to adoring them from an older-to-younger perspective instead of the other way around as with the rest of the groups.* Their pre-teen/teen fan base makes my heart happy though, because I can relate oh so well. The screaming, singing fans that pretend to take the guys’ last names as their own and discuss their outfit choices and hairstyles as if their opinions were the sole reasons these five guys get up in the morning, brings back glorious memories. To all the young fan girls just starting out on this boy band journey: Welcome. THIS is the journey of a lifetime. Favorite Directioner: Louis-I love a quirky dude in suspenders.

Through it all, these fine specimens have given me plenty of crushes, oodles to dream about, and more to sing and dance it out to. Cheers boy band guys, you will forever keep my inner kid alive.

Who are your favorite gents from this list? Who are your favorite boy bands?


8 thoughts on “Boy Band Redux: Life As a Fan Girl

  1. I went to an NKOTB concert was last year and was not expecting to have nearly as much fun as I did! Like you, it turned out I knew all the words…musical osmosis, or something 🙂

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