Let the Beat Drop

Today: Make/Revamp/Listen to a motivational playlist.


“Let the bass from the speakers run through ya sneakers…”


Music is my world. It’s rare that I’m not listening, singing, or playing it. Even when I’m silent, I often have a song bee-bopping around in my mind. (I also sometimes dance to this inaudible music, which does occasionally draw a questioning or enlightened eye or comment. Totally fine.)

Today, go for some super goodies in your tune escapades. Dig up those songs that inspire you to move, create, groove, breathe, whateva. Your playlist might have one song or 100 songs–doesn’t matter, as long as it works for YOU. Pick whatever style of music and selection of songs that currently jives with your life. My playlist (conveniently called my ‘Motivational Playlist’-super creative I know..) inspires me to create, to dance, to love, to sing, to dream, to believe that each moment will be even greater than the last. My list also changes nearly everyday-sometimes nearly every five minutes-so don’t be afraid to switch it up to keep the mojo flowing! Here’s a peek at a few of the goodies on my current playlist:

Rachel Platten- 1,000 Ships & Overwhelmed

One Direction- What Makes You Beautiful & One Thing

O.A.R- Heaven

Jessie J- Stand Up

Dixie Chicks- I Hope

K’Naan- Take a Minute

Pat Benatar- We Belong

Jack Johnson- My Own Two Hands

Lion King- Circle of Life

Alicia KeysSuperwoman
Create it. Mix it. Jam it. What’s on your playlist you cool cat?


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