The Side Made Entirely of LOVE.

I exist in a realm of love.

Sometimes it’s tough (a little dose of tough love can be just the extra push we need!) and sometimes it’s quiet, subtle. Other times it’s loud and obnoxious, and so impossibly tender there’s nothing to do but let it encompass you. It changes, it squirms, it’s uncomfortable, it’s easy, and it’s alarmingly real.

I exist in a realm of love.

This realm is full of the super-sticky-sweet-stuff, brightness, and air. There is plenty of room to breathe and even more time and space to just be. Filled with the utmost respect and a genuine curiosity brimming with questions, this space is gentle, raw, understanding, and ubiquitous.

I exist in a realm of love.

Where there is  no anger seeded in the soul, just electricity connecting us to one another. Here, there isn’t a negative torrent of “your side” and “my side”, but a generous wave of “us”. This is the side made entirely of love. Where teams persist and all life exists. Where we settle in and make time for the beauty of the world. A side that is like that of an all-encompassing hula hoop; it’s big enough to fit the universe in its entirety.

Maybe it sounds too good to be true, and since the idea that ‘if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is’ is bestowed upon us often, some might think this love realm of mine is just a mirage. They might even think it foolish. But here’s the thing about this: Even though there are non-believers, questioners, and the proverbial ‘haters’, my realm has space for them all. For remember this:

I exist in a realm of love.


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