The Week With the Gutsy Failure Competition

This week, I’m in a competition with one of my greatest friends to see which one of us can fail the most. A ‘FAIL Comp’ as I’ll call it.


Yes, correct. I did in fact say FAIL. *insert screeches and screams from b-rate horror movies here*

Good old Webster defines fail as this:

– to lose strength- weaken

– to fall short

– to fade or die away

– to stop functioning normally

– to be unsuccessful

– to be deficient in- lack

Uh, ew, who wants to do any of those things by choice?! Well, pretty much no one. However, here’s the funny thing about the ‘F’ word. EVERYBODY DOES IT. (Much like how Everyone Poops.) I often have a difficult time believing that really successful people (both everyday celebs and Hollywood celebs) have ever failed. Then I start to think though, that most of them had to START. SOMEWHERE. Every person that has ever had an idea for something, must start somewhere with it. Without starting, well, that idea fizzles and doesn’t ever get the chance it deserves to fail. Without taking some action, the person doesn’t get the chance to experience a horribly miserable failure. You could think of the lack of starting as a form of failure, and it is, but the failure I’m talking about comes from trying really, really hard and having it not work out. The ‘Yes, everything is going great. I’m working so diligently and powerfully and everything is marvelous.’ moments that turn into the ones where it feels like the earth has been pulled out from underneath your feet and you think your heart is going to go crashing out of your body and blitz into space. OUCH. We’re often left fuming and completely miffed about what could have possibly gone wrong. We’re terrified because…we. have. failed.

**Ok, brainy time. Think of a time when this happened to you. What happened as a RESULT of your failure? Is there any possible ounce of positivity that came out of you failing?

Example: On one of my m0re recent failure trips, I felt like a total lame-o when I was rejected from a job that I was very clearly qualified to do. I couldn’t (shoot, CAN’T) figure out what happened that my skills weren’t enough. I failed. Out of this failure though, the opportunity to hone in on my patience was gifted to me. I have had more time to focus my energy on things I love instead of on that job (which would have been just that..a job). While that failure stung like a swarm of wildly angry bees at the time, I’m grateful for it. I tried, it didn’t work, I moved on. That’s another thing: this failure definitely helped me learn to more easily let go, release, and move on. All that thanks to the F!

My ‘FAIL Comp’ friend and I struck a deal to be gutsy this week. Like, GUTSY, I’m in the room and everybody knows it the second I walk in, gutsy. We’re going to start things, keep working at other stuff, and dream and  scheme a bunch of different jazz. Because of this, we’re probably both going to fail miserably at something. But because of that, we’re probably both going to learn something fantastic or rejuvenate some aspect of ourselves that leads us to a better outcome in the end anyway. Feel free to join us this week in our quest for gutsyness and a good fail. You  already know you won’t be the only one out there doing some fabulous/crazy/audacious/incredible things! So, from my friend and I, should you choose to join us—Game on pals.

ps—-> Check out what failure means to the lovely business guru Marie Forleo.


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