Pearls of Miracles: The Lady With the Pretzel Sticks

Free stuff’s awesome. Friends are cool, both new and old ones. Miracles happen. Recognize life’s miracles (even when they seem insignificant). Take a risk every now and then.

Today’s little dose of Friday lovin’ strings all of those things together like fresh pearls from the sea. Each piece is beautiful, unique, and full of wisdom.

My dad and I were having a slightly wretched game of ‘watch out for that truck!’ while trying to dodge pick up trucks as they haphazardly backed out of spaces in the parking lot around which we were navigating looking for a spot with some glimpse of the front of the store. Hah. Aisle after aisle, truck after truck, we were pretty much OVER IT. We finally nabbed an aisle with no backing out pick ups in sight (finally!) when I caught the sugary glimmer of pretzel sticks. *Yes food does “distract” me at times, but I choose to think of it as an aspect of my journey rather than a ‘distraction’, thank you.* Anyway, thinking out loud I said, ‘Oh, her pretzel sticks look delightful.” Good thing my dad has the ability to find the most random risk ever and take it, because in two seconds he pulls up by the woman and asks her how much her pretzels were. ‘$2.99!’ She responded with a bit of embarrassment for paying that as if we were going to send judgement rays her way (I thought she might send ones out towards us though, for, for a flash of a second, I was embarrassed that my dad had even stopped to speak to her). Beloved dad of mine goes on to tell her how I though they looked delicious and the woman then extends her cardboard pretzel container in through my open window and emphatically tells me to take one. In a moment of social/political correctness panic, I declined her offer (although my stomach had started to rumble just seconds before I saw her). She insisted I take one, so well, you might have to ask me twice, but not three times! I plucked a pretzel piece from her and expressed my thanks. As my dad reached for money to give her, she said this,

“Oh no, don’t you dare. I don’t want it. If we can’t befriend each other like this, then what’s this world coming to?”

Boom. The woman had just dropped a serious heap of good ol’ kindness on our a**es. I have to admit, it did catch me a little off-guard, which is a bit shameful because it brings up the question as to why I didn’t expect her to be so nice in the first place. Although, this does bring up that next ‘pearl’ from earlier–expect miracles and recognize them when they happen, even if the seem insignificant. In the big picture, this pretzel stick really doesn’t seem like much of a miracle to me. However, let’s remember that my stomach had just started its ‘drummin on a trashcan’ (YES, that was a Doug references, represent 90’s!) fanfare prior to meeting this woman. She shows up, I get a free pretzel stick, my hunger goes away. I was taken care of in that moment, a need I had was filled.  MIRACLE. My parents work as Public Adjustor Solicitors and advocate for home owners/ renters insurance holders when dealing with insurance companies.  As my dad handed the woman their business card and explained a little about what they do, the woman smiled and with great pride and joy said,

“Oh wonderful! After 45 years of marriage, my husband and I just bought our first home six months ago!”

Her marriage, her home, her joy, her love. MIRACLE. That business card to her and the assurance that there is someone else out there on her side, ready to help- MIRACLE.  In the few minutes the three of us were chatting, a trio of both common and uncommon threads, we were all happy, laughing, and kind. MIRACLE. This was one of those cosmically unique situations where it was unexpected for everyone, but all of us knew it was exactly where we were supposed to be.

Oh yeah, and even though I was just that tiny bit embarrassed by my dad’s fortitude and boldness by first asking her about her pretzels, I am grateful that he did. MIRACLE.

Do you have any ‘pearls’ of miracles in your life?


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