Dreams & Retreats: Or, the Latest Place On My Travel List

Maui Palms


I just found my latest dream-come-true, must-visit, I-so-wish-I-could-be-there-RIGHT-NOW destination. And it just so happens to be in the ‘love of my life’ place, Hawaii. Maui to be exact.

The newest addition to the already gorgeously amazing Maui, the Lumeria seems like it might have been created for ME. This place has a bit of everything, but allow me to gush about my favorite aspects.

Yoga/Meditation classes– I just started doing yoga a little over a year ago. Before that, I assumed yoga and pilates were the same thing and that yoga was a bit too ‘floofy’ or ‘out there’ for me. Clearly, my naivety was just showing all over the place. Now that I do yoga, I love it.Β  Meditation goes hand-in-hand with yoga for me, but mostly I just like to breathe, which is why I do it. lol What better place to slow down and do what I love than in one of my favorite places on the planet??

Detox/Well Being programs– Who doesn’t love a good bout of cleansing?! Whether it be clearing clutter from your desk, getting rid of old clothes, or keeping your diet extra healthy, you probably have felt that “ah, that’s refreshing” moment of cleaning up. You know the old adage that what’s going on in your outside world is often a reflection of what’s going on inside? Well, I believe it. These cleansing programs sound deliciously freeing and grounding. Sign me up!

A spa that makes me cry with warm tears of excitement and joy.- Although I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a ‘lush’, I do enjoy the finer things in life when it comes to taking care of me. Massages, reflexology, trigger point therapy, reiki,Β  acupuncture- it all works for me.

Horticulture classes– I love traveling because it lets me experience different cultures and ways of the world. When I was in Hawaii two summers ago, I very quickly fell in love with the culture and if when I get to go to this resort (positive thinking here people!), I cannot wait to get all up in these horticulture classes. Fresh Hawaiian goods, here I come!

Volunteer opportunities– BOOM. I LOVES ME SOME VOLUNTEERING! Lumeria works with a number of local nonprofits and offers different programs for guests to volunteer with their partners. I think this is a super cool aspect of this place because it reinforces that blessed Hawaiian ohana.

I heard about this place (and LOTS of others) through a site called Vacationist.Β  Offering discounts on places all across the globe, this site is a great place to use for travel ideas. I love getting their emails because their photos provide instant gratification and delight for my eyeballs. To be fair though, most of the prices are still out of my price range even at the discounted rates, but that’s mostly because I’m subscribing to the ‘young 20-something, I have no money because of school loans’ plan. This site is members only though, but it’s FREE to join! My current life ‘plan’ can definitely afford that! πŸ˜‰


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