Rants, Poems, Speeches, and the Like

Courtesy of: Mr. Lightman

Sometimes you just have to rant. Other times, your point is best put in an emotional offering that is a hand written poem. There are other times then, when people simply need to listen, so a praise worthy, to the point, vibrant speech must be spoken. Here is a list of a few of my favorite word bubbles from characters of the Hollywood persuasion.

10 Things I Hate About You

Ahhh, this movie. Part of its glorious charm for me is that it is proof of the pungent elixir that was the late 90’s. It’s a vigorous mash-up of fashion, both tacky and grunge alike. I cry every time Kat (Julia Stiles) reads her ‘Hate’ poem to the class about ‘dark and twisty, actually really sweet and quirky’ heart-throb Patrick (Heath Ledger). It’s in this speech that emotions are scattered across the field of Life and barriers are deconstructed. All of this is done in that quirky, heart-wrenching, angst-filled love-hate way only the 90’s could appropriately express.

Grey’s Anatomy

Re-watching old episodes of Grey’s is a regular deal for me, and I was pleasantly reminded  about the moment in season 7 when Eli (Daniel Sunjata) laid out his relationship intentions to the ever-so-stubborn and wondrous Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson). As I watched this scene again, thoughts of me squealing and text blasting my gal pal came flooding back to me. Eli turns the heat WAY up with this encounter with Dr. B, so you might want to grab a fan or glass of ice water before watching (or maybe that’s just me that needs to do that…). At about the 3:20 mark is when the real magic happens.

Ok, Grey’s has another one.

50 seconds into this scene, Isaac (Faran Tahir) offers up some tremendously inspiring words before he goes under the knife. Powerful. Beautiful. Inspiring. In the words of Isaac, “Today, if you be come frightened, instead, become inspired.” His speech is nothing short of perfect advice for those days when Fear rears its flaming soul in our lives.

Mean Girls

Janis’ (Lizzy Caplan) ‘Plastics’ rant in Mean Girls is bomb. Not only is she riding around standing out of the top of a sunroof (I’ve always wanted to do this, btw), but she’s loud, angry, honest, and totally ‘WHAM-BAM take-that-you-selfish-wench’. It’s the moment when the ish hits the fan and Janis points out that Caty (Lindsay Lohan-just before SHE got all ‘WHAM-BAM-take-that-I’m a crazy-fool’ on Life)  has turned into one of the ‘Plastics; she has turned into that stereotypical petty high school biyotch. Not cool ladies–DON’T be that girl, ok? Please, don’t be a Plastic.

Love Actually

This is one of my favorite movies of all time for various reasons, one being the opening scene. Have you ever been greeted at an airport by a loved one or greeted someone you love at one? If not, it is my greatest hope that someday this instance occurs for you. Amidst baggage claims, rushing travelers,tickets, security, and all the swirling life of an airport, the thing I always hope to see is the love between people greeting each other at the pick-up area. I have been privy to see a number of intimately magical hugs, kisses, glances, screeches, and hoops and hollers and I am grateful to have experienced a few of my own. A bit of an ironic place, an airport, to be filled with so much of something good like love,  but that just makes traveling all the more worthwhile to me. 🙂

On that last note of love, what are some of your favorite tv/movie rants, speeches, quotes? Yes, I’m willing to watch your YouTube videos of them too! 😉


4 thoughts on “Rants, Poems, Speeches, and the Like

  1. Of courses for me it has to be “Pulp Fiction” the dance scene between John Travolta and Uma Thurman, talk about hot chemistry I actually cut my hair and dressed like her by accident in that scene, she has to be about the coolest character in my opionion!!! Although I have to admit Heath Ledger’s swager in “10 Things I Hate About You” was pretty irristable!!!!!

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