Scarf Beez-Kneez

Hi, my name is Sarai and I’m OBSESSED with scarves.

I’m pretty much not an obsessive person with anything except scarves. I love them because they can tie a look together in about 3 seconds, they give warmth or can catch the cool threads of a breeze, they’re comfortable and fashionable, they add visual interest and are often great for talking points, they’re nice to me (oh, wait, did I just slip into creeper mode there?….), and a million other things. I adore them. I can’t help it. No, correction. I won’t help it! I don’t care what season it is or what the outfit, I can find a smashing way to add a scarf to my look!

Scarves from all ends of the world come to congregate in my presence, just waiting for me to wear them. Sometimes they come to me in raw, fabric form, awaiting the day when the sewing bug nips at my being and has me working away at the machine.

Congregatin’ somewhere between their origin and my next outfit..

Now that I have given you the quick and dirty rundown of my intense need for/love of/ lust over scarves, I made a bunch of these delights for my Etsy shop! Some are light and airy-perfect for warmer months (YES, remember, although I might be a little bit of a crazy person about it, YOU CAN keep scarves around even in the heat!). *Sidenote: I wouldn’t fib about this because I would much rather be cold than hot. So, if I can handle a scarf in some fashion on a hot day, then it must be A-ok!* Others are bright and would make onlookers’ eyes pop out of their head with vibrant color bliss just like a cartoon character looking at a fellow cartoon hottie. Circular, straight, square, tshirt, gauze, cotton, there’s a scarf for everyone. Check them out and let me know what you think!


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