Extreme Sports: The Game of Feelings

Extreme Living is the name of the game.

Let’s discuss: In the last few weeks I have felt these things:

Twinkly– It was like the stars were my bffs and I was dancing among them.

Worried– Major surgery for a family member was involved. (She’s now home and recovering well, thankfully.)

Hopeful– I have felt mega doses of hope because of things to come. Do I know what they’ll be? Heeeeck no, but I can’t wait to find out.

Angry at the world– Just the other day, all I wanted to do was throw a tantrum, kicking, screaming, crying, swearing, and air punching the crap out of life.

Happy Disappointment– This one’s a bit rare and might not make any sense to you, but  I was disappointed in a big deal falling through. Turned out though, that a cosmically perfect situation involving a bestie of mine and Ma Dukes quickly eclipsed the previous disappointment, and replaced my space with only appreciation and love.

Pain– Sometimes life sends out a massive hadouken on your a**. Life didn’t even bother to give me any warning as to whether this dose of hurt was going to be from the likes of zombie Liu Kang or the extraordinarily beefy muscular-ness of Johnny Cage either. RUDE.

Frazzled– Like The Magic School Bus’ beloved Ms. Frizzle’s frizzy, “I’ll do whatever I want today, humidity or not” hair (I can identify with such locks on so many levels…), life’s been all spacy, spazzy, loop-dee-loo as of late.

Humbled– Someone chose me and my work over everything else out there. That feeling is unparalleled.

Jealousy– Whether or not you believe in Astrology, horoscopes, and all that jazz, there’s space for it in my life. I’m a Taurus, and those jealous streaks often said to be characteristic of us bulls, well,  they definitely exist within me. And they came out to say ‘hey girl hey’ at some of the craziest times.

Comfortable– Comfort, comfort, comfort. I love it, I need it, I thrive on it. Without it, I struggle somethin’ fierce.

Nervous– Not sweaty palms, tiny voice nervous, but the roaring kind that makes you go ‘what am I doing?’ ‘What’s going to happen?’ ‘What IF, IF, IF, IF, IF, IF….?’ This nervousness, while difficult to deal with in the moment, has led to some outstanding definitions, breakthroughs, creativity, and ideas. In other words, bueno for that aspect!

Longing- What I would give to feel the kiss of the Hawaiian sun and reassurance of those gentle breezes again…

Defeated– Nothing special here. Just those classic feelings of ‘can I catch a break?!?’

I am both an awesome defender, fending off negative vibes and making room for positive forces and a lackluster goalie, repeatedly allowing those tricky feelings into my net seemingly awarding points to anyone but myself. I am both up and down, both hip and totally uncool, both free and restricted. Clearly, life should be added to the list of ‘Extreme’ sports. In that case then, I just moved into the category of both awkward back-away-from-the-ball  teammate and freakishly stellar extreme athlete. Sweet.

What sort of ‘extreme’ living is happening in your lives these days?


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