Word Up! My Three Favorite Words

As a writer, and general all around exuberant lover of speech, I love words. However not all words are created equal. There are just some words that make me go ‘huzzah!’ and I look forward to those perfect moments of worded bliss when I can use them.

Word: BOOM—> This is quite possibly my favorite way to end a phrase of all time. It adds emphasis, hilarity, and a sensible dash ofΒ  pride filled with a slight bit of outlandishness.

Example: I just got a $100 blazer for $7.49. BOOM.

See what I mean? EMPHASIS AND PRIDE. And yes, I really did get that blazer for $7.49.

Word: Savvy—> This is my favorite word in the English language. Every time I use, I feel like I become a little more savvy. Like I have a little bit more wherewithal and credit. Savvy makes common sense sound cool.

Example: She has some serious shopping savvy, keep her around.

I’d keep that sister around too, with her shopping prowess and whatnot.

Word: Egregious—> I like this word because it can mean two totally opposite things based on the context. This word always needs a back story, a bit of baggage if you will, to get its full effect. It shows off that you can have baggage and still be awesome.

Example: These decorations are too much, they’re just egregious.


The final speaker was surprisingly egregious. (In that case, call this speaker ASAP because the next event I go to needs this guy so I don’t crumple as a result of being severely underwhelmed.)

What words get you jazzed? Oh yeah, that’s another word I live (and love) to use. Jazzed–it makes me feel all types of fancy and super cool.


20 thoughts on “Word Up! My Three Favorite Words

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  2. The trouble with BOOM is that Piers Morgan has appropriated it for his annoying Twitter account. I like most words that can be stretched and over-articulated, so egregious is good.

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