Nothing Ever Happens….

Rachel Platten is a love. Her music always so sweetly and poignantly reminds me to get my life together. For instance, ‘Nothing Ever Happens‘ is one of the most appropriate songs for my life that has ever been created.

“Nothing ever happens if you stay in your room…” (Nothing Ever Happens Lyric)

It’s true, life can’t happen if you’re not living it. Go beyond the walls of your room, the obstacles of your perceptions. Leave your comfort zone. Yes, this is often horrifying, which, duh, is why few of us love to do it most of the time. Trust me though, break out of your zone just once–tip toe, dance, leap, roll–leave it however you can. You might be surprised by what’s been waiting for you just over the line!

“Leave what you don’t need…” (Nothing Ever Happens Lyric)

Think for a moment about how many times a day you think about something you wish had gone differently or hadn’t happened at all. Life throws us a billion curve balls–sometimes all at once, sometimes so agonizingly slow that we wonder if it will ever let up. My point is, life can suck. That said, as much as life can be a miser, it can be equally as beautiful. “Leave what you don’t need”–to me, this is a nudge of confidence that it is healthy and necessary to let go of those things that don’t serve any positive purpose to my life. Instead of constantly stewing in your anger or worries, try to find a way to let it go until you can fully (and appropriately) face the situation. Speak your piece (peace) to the person(s) that need to hear it, realize you are NOT your past, take a mistake and learn from it and then let. it. go. Holding onto negativity affects every aspect of your life as much as does your ability to breathe. Create a more positive space for yourself because you deserve it! While you may not always get to choose what happens to you, you always have the choice to leave the things behind that pull you down. How about doing a little introspective spring cleaning to start this season off right? You can do it. Rachel thinks so…and I do too.

“Get out of your own way!” (Nothing Ever Happens Lyric)

‘MOVE B****, get out the way!’ Oh Luda, you too, have summed it up perfectly. Get out of the way of your dreams. I have to often ask my fearful, worry wart of a conscience to step aside so the fierce, free me can get through. When you’re trying to accomplish a goal and negative aspects of yourself keep popping up, kindly ask them to move so you can go about being your rockstar self. Can’t shake those worries/fears/doubts? Then it’s time to start shoving! I don’t recommend that you actually have a physical battle royale with yourself, but mentally shove that crap aside and keep it movin’!

See? 'Nothing Ever Happens if you stay in your room...'

Happy Friday loves–go get out of your room today!! 🙂


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