Just A Travel Thursday…

Today I’m catching some major retro vibes from a back issue of Travel & Leisure mag. ‘The Next Great Places’ edition from September of 2011 caught my eye again as I was weeding out my trusty overstuffed collection of mags by my bed. (Don’t judge–I know you have a bedside full of books/magazines/journals just. like. me.) Although not all of you may see what I see in terms of these retro vibes, it’s a beautiful aspect of life that we all perceive things differently and get to tell each other about it, no? 😉 So, let’s shimmy right along here into what retro juju this cover is giving me this afternoon.

'The Next Great Places'--taken with Instagram

The retro amazingness starts for me with the dark forest-like green and white striped awning. It reminds me of adorable retro cafes I’ve seen or visited. Pair this awning with the vibrant (yet slightly opposing) reds of the chairs and the trust Travel & Leisure title, and this makes a really cool juxtaposition of saturated bright and light colors. I can’t help but stare at the woman though, as she lounges contentedly and hopefully by the pool. (The pool’s a little tough for you to see probably, but it’s there in the bottom left corner.) Her kind of limeade/Mellow Yellow dress lends perfectly to the retro feel of the cover for me, despite that I would put a frock of this exact shade on nearly no woman in ever. Although, I guess that’s why I write it, not fashion it… A myriad of other shades of the colors that are life come to play in this cover (and pull at my little retro-heartstrings), furthering this cover’s wistful, chic retro qualities.

Any guesses about where this place is that puts forth these jazzy vibes? My bet was on some eclectic place in either Morocco or Spain.

Have you made a guess yet?

Ok, here it is. This is a photo of The Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. A tad surprised? Me too! (No, it’s not that I don’t think WV is unable or unqualified to have such gorgeousness, btw.) This baby is right here on the East Coast with me just a few hours away, so I might have to try to talk my sister-in-law or some girlfriends into a trip to the spa! *happy dance*

Anybody ever been to The Greenbrier? I want to hear about it!


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