Wear to Decorate

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s interior design time!

Design Tip of the Day: Decorate your space with your accessories.

I’m an accessory FANATIC (this absolutely is pertinent for your brain to absorb), so anytime I get to jazz up a space with fun accessories, I do a happy dance! We’re not talking about throw pillows or photography though folks. These accessories in this tip are the ones commonly worn.

Upon returning from Hawaii a couple summer’s ago (yeah, I know, I had to leave there….sad face), I decided that the three necklaces I got there were too cool and too amazing to fall into the abyss that was my jewelry stash. After fretting slightly for a few days, I finally came to my senses. Hello Sarai, hang these on your wall! A mix of patterns, textures, and styles, these necklaces are one of my favorite parts of my bedroom decor. *This trio I’m talking about is composed of the brown/cream Opihi shell necklace, orange Ni’ihau shell necklace, and the kukui nut necklace in the first pic below.

Treat your space to the same beauty you wear.

Scarves make great interchangeable tie backs!

Kukui nut lei from Maui...earthy, beauteous, & decorative. Just how I like it!

By using jewelry, scarves, ties, hats, and other accessories, it makes for a totally unique and creative way to decorate your space and show off your personal style. As if there needs to be any other reason why using accessories to decorate is both savvy and wonderful, I’ll give you one anyway. Changing up the look and feel of your space is super easy when it comes to using accessories, so this design idea works great if you like things a little different on the daily. That’s why I like using necklaces and scarves the most- I wear them often, so my decor changes with new days and outfits and allows space for me to redesign/reconfigure my space. BOOM.

We’ll talk about all those other fabulous decor accessories (pillows, photos, etc.) later, so stay tuned my friends! For now though, tell me–who has a clothing-inspired accessorized space? Leave me comments about it!

ps. All my photos were taken with Instagram (yeah, I’m KIND OF obsessed with the app…!).


9 thoughts on “Wear to Decorate

  1. Love your post, and you are so right I use one of my scarves as a table runner, the scarf is from Greece.

    Love how you hung your necklaces on the wall!!! And what a great idea to remind you of the time spent in Hawaii!!!

    Very cool!!!

  2. Way cool pictures – authentic Hawaiian stuff, nice! If you need a ‘quick fix’ for Hawaii – please visit our blog at http://www.mainlandkamaainas.com or our FB page! We have someone who makes all the leis and bracelets by hand and will be selling her stuff @ our online store when we get it rolling in a few weeks.

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