Kitchen Diva Grooves

I feel most like a diva pop-star when I’m dancing and singing around the kitchen while I’m cooking or baking.


Today’s diva debut came while I was making dinner for the fam. (I made Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili, btw.) Cooking makes me happy–like, being in a room full of glittery, bright-colored nail polishes and confetti happy. 😉 I actually used the chili spoon as a mic (not while stirring of course!). The song of choice for this jam sesh was Karmin’s ‘Brokenhearted’…on REPEAT! I cannot get enough of this song-it just makes me wanna groove!! Although episodes such as this often occur when I’m flying solo, if you would happen to find yourself in the kitchen with me or just catch a glimpse of me while I’m “in the zone”, that’s not to say you won’t see me bust a few moves or break into song.

The only mic I'll ever need...

I realize the kitchen isn’t where everybody finds their diva/hustler? (is that even the right term gents?!) mojo, so tell me, where do you find yourself lettin’ loose and rockin’ out? I want to know where you let your inner pop-star SHINE!


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