Neutral Zone

So, I spent this past Saturday watching high school boys basketball games where I was a neutral spectator. Well, I was neutral for two of the three games anyway. My point is, sometimes, it’s really nice to just be a neutral party. There is no pressure, no expectations…just space. Well, today’s pieces emanate that same sort of neutral comfort. Read on for more about this–no pressure of course… 😉

ART Furniture has fashioned a bed of epic neutral beauty. The Modern Country California King Woven Bed in Straw reminds me of a woven basket perfect for toting goodies to a picnic on a gorgeous Spring day. This simple design is unique and quite comforting to me, since it is reminiscent of a picnic trip. The woven pattern is featured on the head-board and foot-board, with the rest of the frame a smooth light oak. Natural beauty is all the rage when it comes to this slumber number.

Chandra Rugs goes for the natural vibe with the Zola Hand-woven Braided Rug. This rug is a charming mix of light and dark beige and brown, giving it a total earthy feel. The feel is so earthy in fact, that this looks like a mat of little stones because of the braiding. Softer than stones, this rug is a savvy way to add natural style to your space.

Remember that you’re free to stay as neutral in life as you wish. Keep that neutral space open with more beds and rugs from this online furniture store and this online rug store.


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