Grey Matters

We all know that life isn’t always as simple as black and white. Grey area is prevalent in most situations.  Good thing, one of those situations happens to be furniture.

Moroni inc. points out that grey matters too. The Clio Top Grain Leather Swivel Chair in Grey reminds us that swiveling around in circles in your chair is totally acceptable and should be done as often as possible. This chair has a modern, kind of futuristic appearance with its curved ‘L’ shaped sides and chrome circular base. Not Jetson’s futuristic though, just a cool, unique look you don’t always see. It also has a familiar, classic look from the front, showcasing the style prowess of the creators of this piece. This is proof that the grey areas in life should always be considered!

Coaster Furniture goes on grey patrol with their Accent Seating Stationary Chair with Rounded Track Arms and Wooden Legs. The dark wood of the legs creates a sophisticated juxtaposition of color beside the grey fabric. A square back and matching rectangular accent pillow also add a fun change up of shapes against the round arms. This chair is all things plush yet simple. See what I mean about that ‘grey’ area?

Explore more of the grey-lands with more pieces from this online furniture store.


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