Party Looks: Bright, Bright, Bright!

The party forecast looks bright my friends! I love to entertain- dinner, birthday, ‘just because’ parties- I love them all! The bright pieces of today’s feature will have you jumping for vibrant furniture joy.

Get your party on with VIG Furniture and their sensational Olivia Blue TV Stand/Buffet. A proper pop of color is delivered in vibrant royal blue form with this piece. Featuring a simple design of varied shapes, this stand has a cool, geometric look. Use this as a slammin’ way to showcase your tv or as an incredibly intelligent way to serve your party guests some delicious grub. I feel like many a good convo would be had standing alongside this blue baby!

I. Love. Yellow. Since I’m gushing about my love for things parties and bright today, I just had to mention this beauty made by Capel Rugs. The woven Spirits-Navajo-Sunflower Southwestern Rug is a bumbling splash of color. The Southwestern/Native American design on this rug creates a clean, simple look. As the pattern is structured and even, it has the same geometric poise as the blue stand above. I don’t know about you, but I NEVER knew geometry to be fun…until now!

Keep your party hearty with more pieces from this online furniture store and this online rug store. Party on peeps!


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