Orange by Orange

If you crave color anything like I do, get excited for some totally fabulous- and bright- finds!

VIG Furniture saturates life with the Polaris Italian Leather Sectional Sofa in Orange. Measuring 10.5 feet by 14 feet in total length, this sofa is massive. Along with its huge size, the bright Florida orange color of this piece makes it super fun and ridiculously amazing. As if there needs to be any other greatness added to this thing, there is built-in storage and lighting on each end of the sofa. Yes, there is functional lighting in the sofa! Sweet deal, right?! This piece is modern, chic, and full of color, making it the perfect punch of style your space needs.

Chandra Rugs gives us more of the zest of life in their India Orange Striped Contemporary Rug. Fading from dark into light (or vice versa depending on how you view things), this rug has options upon options with its varied orange hues. The striped design on this rug sheds a modern light with a clean look and feel. Each stripe looks just a touch variegated, giving this rug an artsy appearance (it looks la little like a painting where you can see the brush strokes).

Get more pieces to feed your orange fix in both this online furniture store and this online rug store.


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