Blue Hue News

Got the blues? Me too! Today we’re talkin’ up the calm, deep, easy hues of our good friend blue. A slightly less conventional furniture color, let’s talk two reasons why blue is the way to go.

Reason 1: Blue is beautiful. VIG Furniture takes us on a teal-spin (see what I did there?!) with their Teal Velvet Fabric Queen Bed. This is quite possibly the most gorgeous bed on the planet. Dark, rich teal velvet gives this bed a unique, utterly relaxing look. It’s kind of like journeying to the bottom of the sea every time you look at it. Amazing. The slopes and curves of this Venetian design are both simple and royal. Any bed that can be so effortless, yet so stunning is an absolute gem! More effortless furniture is just a click away in this online furniture store. Check it out!

Reason 2: Blue is charming. Chandra Rugs goes serene and bold with the INT Blue Contemporary Rectangular Rug. This sweet rug features a single over-sized flower in shades of beige and blue. Although the design highlights one large flower, a closer look yields a small rose-like flower adorns the center of the big flower. Small flowers and stems grace each of the petals of the larger flower, giving the rug a very open, delicate feel. Keep your peepers peeled for more sweet rugs in this online rug store.


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