Venetian Vixens: Blue and Brown Patterns Take Center Stage

Blue and brown go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong and Grease. Yeah, I said it (ok, I wrote it, but that’s almost just as hard as saying it). Venetian designs in blues and browns are today’s pop stars, so let’s check out the show.

AICO Furniture goes Venetian wild with the Bellingham Court Luxury Bedding Set. This bedding set is royal to the max. A rich chocolate brown background gives way to a brocade-like pattern in an opposing shade of brown and a delightful shade of light blue. My favorite part about this set though, is the mix-n-match pattern risks taken by the designers at AICO. The striped bed ruffle adds a smart juxtaposition of patterns next to the brocade pattern. You also get a smattering of throw pillows with this set that showcase these blues and browns in even more varying patterns and textures. This whole thing is witty, classic, and a great representation of the design prowess of the AICO folks.

If you’re diggin’ the Venetian thing, but not feelin’ the all over your bed deal, Chandra Rugs has just the thing for you. The Hand-tufted Contemporary Venetian Rug is a lustrous dark espresso brown and dark blue/teal combo. Intricate detailing of swirls and curls take this New Zealand wool rug to the top in terms of design and poise. Look for more Venetian ready rugs at this online rug store if you just didn’t get enough with this one.

Keep your search going for other brown and blue furniture goodies at this online furniture store. You never know what these patterns and colors will do next!


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