Leaping Bold Barriers

Go bold or go home. Well, with today’s pieces you can go home AND go bold!

VIG Furniture does it up right with the Armani Xavira Collection Bed (delicious name, no?). Luscious velvet in a bright cherry red gives this bed oodles of attention commanding appeal. The deluxe padded headboard is a smart offset to the low lying frame of the bed. Making this bed even more alluring and eye grabbing is the Swarovski crystal detailing along the bed frame. This bed is super sultry, extra romantic, and extremely smart for those of you that love things wonderfully uncommon and vibrant. Just an fyi, two faux crocodile round red top night stands come along with the bed to complete this succulent set. 😉

A  little bit retro and a whole lotta bit fun, KAS Oriental Rugs takes charge with the Moda Burgundy/Beige Galaxy Contemporary Rug. Featuring a slightly psychedelic pattern of circles and swirls, this design lends well to adding boldness to your space with little effort. Touches of black add depth to this rug, as well as adding to its retro feel. Going bold just got real easy.

Need more? Go for a little online rug shopping or furniture shopping in this online furniture store.


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