Give In…Temptations Are Meant to Be Had.

In the music world, The Temptations were cause for smooth sounds and lyrics so sweet you could melt. Ah, My Girl is my favorite song of all time, friends. Temptation, as defined by Webster’s Online Dictionary, is a cause or occasion of enticement. Just as enticing as the songs of one of Motown’s finest groups, today’s bedroom set and rug combo is sure to tempt your interior design mojo.

VIG Furniture sends a tempting message in their Temptation High Headboard Modern 3 Piece Bedroom Set. While the bed itself is low to the ground, the headboard is high, high, high! The extreme height of the headboard creates a chic and interesting juxtaposition against the low height of the bed frame. Along with the stark white bed, two white nightstands are also included to complete this bedroom set. There is a super fun, subtle white on white circular pattern on each of the nightstands, which adds even more allure to this set. Bottom line: egregious (in the remarkable good way) headboard+low lying bed= a stellar style representation for your bedroom furniture.

On to some tootsie tempting rugs….Chandra Rugs, whether it be deep and earthy or stark and white, keeps things classic and comfortable with their rugs. Our first rug to chit chat about is the Savona Polyester Shag Rug. This shag-rific piece is super sultry and mysterious, as it is a combination of varied deep earthy tones. It kind of reminds me of looking up into the night sky on a starry night because of its tones of black, purple, brown, blue, and hints of white. On the other end, reminding me of adorable polar bears out to play, is the Splash Polyester Shag Rug. Sleek and chic cream/beige, this rug makes for a simple way to lighten up any room.

Go ahead and give into all your temptations at this online rug store. It’s ok, I won’t tell. 😉


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