Furniture On the Outs

Since this winter has been abnormally warm here in central PA , I’m daydreaming about outdoor accessories. And while I do LOVE snow and cold weather, I can’t say that I’ve hated this warmer weather. I do wish I was closer to a beach though…Anyway, enough about my daydreams, on to our airy, outdoor pieces for the day!

Get ready for a total lounge fest with this piece. Made by VIG Furniture, the Outdoor Lounge With Cushion is an absolute gem. Featuring an adjustable veil, you can move this overhanging piece on the chair to whatever height you wish. Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still wear sunscreen, as this veil doesn’t block out all of those harmful rays. Moving on from that delightful PSA, this chair has a sleek, modern look, and is made with black water-resistant materials. This chair demands that you grab a book (or your Kindle Fire, you techies), a cool beverage, and kick back and chill.

Jaipur Rugs makes a super fun piece with their Grant Fern Around Beige Indoor/Outdoor Rug. This rug features a pattern of abstract ferns in shades of maroon, light blue, deep burnt orange, and mustard yellow. As this rug is made to be placed both inside and outside, it would make a great addition to an ethereal themed room or it would be a charming way to invite your guests into your home as an outdoor welcome mat. The pattern of this rug is reminiscent of flying birds to me more so than ferns, thus it gives off a delightfully airy feel full of motion and nature. Simple and elegant, this rug makes for a peaceful and subtle design statement.

Go on the hunt for more outdoor furniture in this online furniture store and keep a lookout for more of these fabulous rugs online as well!


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