Chaise Your Way to Good Looks

You know how sometimes you see something and you instantly start planning on where you’ll put it, how good you’ll look using it, etc, etc.? Well, that’s what I’m doing right now looking at these two interior design doozies from AICO Furniture and Chandra Rugs.

Let’s talk about this Venerian II Armless Chaise in Peacock from AICO. I pretty much adore anything turquoise, so looking at this chaise was love at first sight. With the sumptuous turquoise/blue coloring of the Pacific Ocean, this chaise has a curved, rolling design reminiscent of waves. Velvety pin-tucked fabric and honey walnut trim finish off this piece, making it look both regal and relaxed. Perfection. Find more gorgeous furniture online, but be aware, you will probably find something to fall in love with at first glance like I did with this chaise.

Rug Alert: The Hand-woven Transitional Nova Rug is all things delightful. Chandra Rugs understands that simple design often equals elegance. This rug features a delicious color combination of brown (looks a bit like taupe) and cream. A large flower and leaf design takes center stage on this rug, giving it a super sweet, clean look. This rug makes me feel at peace because of its easy-going style. Grab a hold of this treasure and be reassured that your style is totally sophisticated…just like the rug! Take a peep at these other rugs online for more sophisticated ways to spruce up your space.


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