Soundtrack to Your Furniture

Music, music, music. Many of us fill moments of our days with tunes (I’m jamming out to some as I write this of course), but what does music have to do with furniture? Well, the two selections for today look like they belong somewhere in the offices and homes of music moguls and music lovers alike.

VIG Furniture takes us to music-land with their AK045 Bench. To me, this bench looks a smattering of speakers or drum heads with its black circle designs and faux crocodile textured tops. If you put speakers behind this thing, I have a feeling some of your guests might just believe you have tunes pouring out of your furniture! This piece is extra cool because, while it is absolutely functional as seating, it doubles as an eclectic focal point to your space. Both creative and unique, this piece would be a bold addition to your furniture soundtrack.

Put your records on! Many of us might not have records anymore though, so to that I say, turn on your mp3/whatever new fangled electronic music device you own! 😉  Chandra Rugs created music-inspired bliss with their Hand-tufted Contemporary Lepley LEP rug. This rug is designed with rows of black discs that look like, well, records. These discs are an overlay to the base of the rug that fades from orange into blue. While this is a rug, so yes, do put it on your floors, this would also make a great wall piece. Hanging this on your wall would be a bit like having your #1 hits on the wall, just like your favorite musicians! Pretty awesome, huh? I wonder if you’ll get lots of groupies after you hang this on your wall…

Add to your furniture soundtrack with more pieces at this online furniture store.


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