Feng Shui Any Way You Like It!

Ok, the stuff we’re talking about today is totally rad in every way. Arrangeable sectional sofa pieces and animal print make for nothing but a ferociously great time! Keep reading to get the full scoop on this wild and fabulous furniture!

With one of the coolest (yet simplest) designs for a sectional sofa, VIG Furniture allows you total freedom when it comes to changing up the feng shui of your space. The Contemporary Sectional Sofa in espresso is full of infinite possibilities because it comes with four modular pieces. This means that you can arrange and rearrange each piece time and time again to fit any mood or look you’re into at the moment. Since this piece can be made into various arrangements and shapes (try it in a full circle for something super cozy, or go for a long ‘s’ shape for something totally modern and creative), it is perfect for hosting any number of visitors. This sofa gives you permission (and just the right amount of seating) to hold that dinner party or game night you’ve so wanted to have!

Alright, now it’s time to gush about that animal print I mentioned earlier. One of the greatest ways to instantly bring out your fierce side is a good animal print. Surya Rugs creates two fantastic options to release your wild side with the Goa 169 Zebra Print Contemporary Rug and the Goa 59 Zebra Print Contemporary Rug. Rug 169 is a decidedly delicious way to showcase a fierce feng shui moment, as it is a soft combination of tan/cream and brown zebra print.  Pair this rug with the VIG sofa above and oh, my, fierceness. LOVE. Go for Rug 59 for a more classic hit of zebra power. Black and cream stripes take charge for a burst of rug perfection. Black and brown are closer cousins than ever (remember how the thought of black and brown being next to each other used to be a huge no-no?), so go ahead and unleash this rug on that sofa as well!

Find more rugs to pair with your furniture in this online rug store. Now, go be fierce and fearless today!


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