Animal Print Palooza

It’s an animal print palooza on my end here, so let’s get right to roaring!

AICO Furniture supports an animal-centric look with their Bed Set Call of the Wild. This bed set is SO fun because it features a sassy zebra print in brown and white. Available for Queen and King beds, this bedding is a vibrantly fantastic way to own your space. Red seems to be the not-so-secret mistress of zebra print these days, so enjoy the red accented pillows that come along with this bedding set. Are you ready for a slumber safari yet??

Much love to zebras, but we must pay homage to a couple of our other animal kingdom homies. KAS Oriental Rugs goes for animal print perfection with their Sahara Giraffe Print Mocha Novelty Rug and their Sahara Tiger Animal Print Rug. The giraffe print rug is super adorable with its varying shapes and sizes of giraffe spots in brown with cream/tan outlining. This rug is subtle and charming, and is a smooth representation of the peacefulness of giraffes. The tiger rug is animalistic (obviously) and ferocious. It’s  overall horizontal tiger striping is pulled together by a few vertical stripes of opposing colors and patterns to create a unique piece. Much like the wild stripey zebra prints, this tiger print rug is all things wonderfully exotic and  in your face.

While a safari or trip to the zoo may not be in the works at the moment, a good dose of animal print displayed around your space is one heck of an alternative. Look for more animal print rugs online for your space and other animal coated furniture online for that splash of wild you need.


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